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Cherries & Grapes

About Us

Cherries & Grapes is an online marketplace of local Michigan wines and specialty products. Did we mention that we're local to Michigan too?

As native Michiganders, we grew up enjoying everything Michigan has to offer - sandy beaches, summer days, beautiful sunsets, homemade pies-- and yes, eventually wine! We all know that life gets busy and time to visit our favorite places is limited, so it can be easy to forget life's little pleasures in Michigan.

That's where Cherries & Grapes comes in... It wasn't more than three months ago when it hit us. We don't have to forgo all those guilty pleasures until our next trip 'up north'. Why not make it easy for local producers and artisans to offer their specialties to their loyal fans year-round?

We feel good about the initial launch, but we know our efforts are just starting. We'll continue to work hard to improve your experience and expand the local stores and products.

Do you like Michigan? Want to support local businesses? Believe in our mission?
We'd appreciate a sign... Tell a friend, connect with us on Facebook or support a local business by enjoying something from our marketplace.

Over time we will continue to evolve, but some things will not...

1. We will always take your privacy very seriously. Your information is limited to us and any shop you purchase from. We take it so seriously that we've decided that we don't even want to store any credit card info. Too many large companies with bigger budgets have failed trying to protect it, so we figure it isn't worth the risk.

2. We are more interested in our long term relationship with you than a quick buck. Therefore, we will have a narrow focus on the local shops and products that mean something special to you.

3. If there is a problem, we'll work together with our shop owners to make it right. That's the small town flavor we want to preserve.

4. We want to continually improve, so we encourage and thrive on your feedback.

5. We are focused on supporting the communities of our producers and customers.

Thanks for your support and friendship as we embark on this adventure.