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Counting wine miles? Written By: Cherries & Grapes
Posted On: Sep 20 2012

Are you watching your wine miles?    'Wine miles', my adaptation from 'food miles'  is an idea in sustainability that counts the number of miles traveled by the product (and its ingredients/supplies) on its way from the farm to your table.  Long-haul trips to provide supplies and deliver products consume valuable resources.  By reducing the distance traveled (miles), you will reduce energy waste, pollution and other negative impacts.
How can you reduce the amount of wine miles, you ask?   Buying local Michigan wine is a great start.    Since our launch in August, the products delivered to our customers have averaged a low 457 wine miles.  And, yes, it is a complete coincidence that it is 457 miles from Chateau de Leelanau to my house…  I digress.   Compare that to the number of miles traveled by a wine from France (4,000), Italy (4,700) or even Australia (11,000+).
I know you didn't need another reason to buy local Michigan wine and ciders, but it is really nice knowing that the products you love also offer environmental benefits just by their proximity.